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"Toe shoes", with wear-resistant non-slip soles made ​​of polyamide material surface, pure leather upper with exquisite hand-made process, personalized toe ---- five "toe" of the European fashion color matching not only can stimulate the soles of feet muscles, promote blood circulation, but also to improve the range of activities, particularly in mountain climbing, rock climbing, fitness and other sports, is currently the world's only like walking barefoot can provide endless joy to bring.

Five fingers shoes heel and instep hook and loop closure device allows users to feel comfortable, no sense of restraint. Sole surface is a thin layer of anti-wear polyamide materials, more rugged wear, not only comfortable, but also dry quickly. Five fingers shoes rubber soles grip connected to force good flexibility and freedom of the individual toes can be activities, suitable for all terrain.

I am sure you will like it, and now he is a popular kind of fashion, hurry to buy it! ! ! ! What are you waiting.Of course, if you don't know which one to choose, you can link with our shop assistants, they will try their best to help you find the one just suitable for you. As a guaranteed online store, we will offer you the first-class customer service.

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